Vincere’s Powerful Open API

Today, we’re happy to share that the new Vincere API is now available on a single publicly accessible destination. Vincere users will have a powerful reference to seamlessly connect our system with other products and services they use and love….

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Vincere Mobile: Recruit anywhere, anytime

We know just how busy recruiters are. From speaking to clients to getting jobs, scheduling interviews and following up with candidates, recruiters are pulled in too many different directions in a day. That’s why this holiday season, the Vincere elves…

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A Client Portal Without The Fuss

Hands up if you’re tired of ‘chasing’ clients…hands up if you’re tired of hearing ‘Can you send me that CV again?’…and keep your hands up if you’re tired of scheduling & rescheduling interviews…. We get it…we know your time can…

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