Vincere Product Update V11.2


Hey Vincere lovers, are y’all ready for a new release? We’re rolling out a shiny new exciting feature next week that is guaranteed to have a huge impact on the way you collaborate with clients and fill jobs. If you specialise in Exec Search or Grad recruitment, please keep on reading. Intrigued? Great. We were […]

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Fireside Chat: Monroe Consulting X Vincere

Tell us a bit about Monroe and what you do (13)

Fireside Chat: Monroe Consulting X Vincere Join us on this exclusive fireside chat with Andrew Hairs, Group Managing Director of Monroe Consulting Group, and Eloise Sutton-Kirkby, Sales & Marketing Director at Vincere. In this interview, Andrew shares more about Monroe, the key differences between growing a business in emerging versus developed markets, why KPI matters […]

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