Founded in 2010, Manila Recruitment is the leading full-service recruitment consultancy in the Philippines specializing in the recruitment of executives, expert, technical and specialist positions. With the vision of the company from the outset to be the most in-demand recruitment firm in the Philippines, Manila Recruitment combines cutting-edge technologies and tailored recruitment strategies to provide […]

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Vincere Product Update V11.2


Hey Vincere lovers, are y’all ready for a new release? We’re rolling out a shiny new exciting feature next week that is guaranteed to have a huge impact on the way you collaborate with clients and fill jobs. If you specialise in Exec Search or Grad recruitment, please keep on reading. Intrigued? Great. We were […]

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Fireside Chat: Monroe Consulting X Vincere

Tell us a bit about Monroe and what you do (13)

Fireside Chat: Monroe Consulting X Vincere Join us on this exclusive fireside chat with Andrew Hairs, Group Managing Director of Monroe Consulting Group, and Eloise Sutton-Kirkby, Sales & Marketing Director at Vincere. In this interview, Andrew shares more about Monroe, the key differences between growing a business in emerging versus developed markets, why KPI matters […]

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