Here’s a look at what we’re working on and what’s coming.

  • Feb 2018
    Mobile App
    Recruit anywhere, anytime
    At last- Vincere in the palm of your hand! Swipe though your pipeline and review applications. Tap once to call or send an email. Add notes and comments on-the-fly as you speak to clients and shortlist candidates on the go. Available for all iOS & Android phones.
  • Feb 2018
    Import custom fields from MYOB
    MYOB is the online accounting software for tax, accounting and other services. Visit https://www.myob.com/ to learn more.
  • Feb 2018
    LiveList - new UI
    An upgraded LiveList with a brand new look
    Recruiters love the LiveList, and their clients love it too. That's why we're giving it a brand new look.
  • Feb 2018
    [SMS] Twilio
    Send SMS from inside Vincere
    Twilio allows you to send personalised text messages to your candidates right from inside Vincere without having to whip out your mobile phones
  • Feb 2018
    Astute Payroll
    Seamless integration witth astute: pull in & export data in a click
    With Vincere's integration with Astute, achieve all these things in one click: pull in export placement & invoicing information | view export history
  • Q2
    Effortlessly send email marketing campaigns to engage Candidates and Contacts
    Import Vincere contacts to MailChimp and view MailChimp campaign activity in Vincere
  • Q2
    Client Portal
    A 24/7 secure portal that offers your clients on-demand access for the services you do for them
    An extension of Vincere's website stack. Give your clients access to all jobs, candidates and documents on a secure portal.
  • Q2
    Vincere Invoicing
    Create and send invoices in less than 60s
    Invoices are automatically created when a Perm placement is made and/or timesheets in TimeTemp are approved. Multi-currency ready.
  • Q2
    Export Payroll Info
    At the click of a button, export all payroll information into CSV.
  • Q2
    [Velocity] Improvements
    New functionalities: Add to Talent Pools or Distribution Lists | Configure Settings for Duplicate Identification | Resume from LI Profile | Update existing profiles
  • Q2
    [TimeTemp] Time & Attendance
    Manage holidays and sick leave in TimeTemp
  • Q2
    Manage and run multiple brands with ease
    Create and manage multiple brands, divisions and teams.
  • Q2
    Candidate Availability
    Request, check and manage candidate availability for Temp and Contract Roles
    Send bulk emails to candidates to request for availability | Candidates can update availability via a branded online interface | Availability info syncs back to Vincere and is searchable | View candidate availability for This week & Next week based on statuses: Available / Unavailable / Unknown
  • Q2
    Candidate Onboarding
    Get candidates to upload on-boarding related documents and send emails reminders
    Send bulk emails & reminders to placed candidates to request for documents | Ability to specify what kind of documents are required for onboarding
  • Q2
    [UI Update] Admin & User Settings
    Simplified, elegant layout for quick navigation
  • Q2
    Bulk action increases
    Do more in one click.
    Take up to 200 bulk actions at once; including sending 200 bulk emails at a time.
  • Q2
    Offer Approval Management
    Set easy-to-approve sign-off process for offer letters
    Add job-specific approval workflows. Get quick sign-offs from approvers and and view status in the Candidate profile, Job and ATS.
  • Q2
    [Document Builder] More Doc types
    Create templates for renewal notices, sales invoices, purchase invoices and credit notes, including brand-specific documents.
  • Q2
    [Onboarding] More views
    Super convenient and great addition for your back office
    Toggle between multiple onboarding views: Onboarding | Timesheets | Invoices (Sales) | Invoices (Pucharse) | Credit Notes | Files
  • Q2
    File Library
    One easy place to upload, search and view all onboarding related documents.
  • Q2
    Contract Renewal
    Need to renew or terminate contracts? Now you can.
    New actions to allow you to renew or terminate contracts | Inform candidates of contract termination | Email templates fully-customisable by you
  • Q2
    [UI Update] Search
    Enhanced navigation & usability for a beautiful search experience.
  • Q2
    Semantic Search
    Run quicker searches in Vincere powered by Machine-learning
    Your shortcut to searching; Vincere auto-suggests search terms based on related words, categories and tags.
  • Q2
    [Search] Save & Load Searches
    Create, filter and save multiple searches. Dynamically load your searches instantly.
  • Q2
    [GDPR Compliance]
    Send outreach emails to new and existing candidates to request for Consent, permission to represent or be forgotten
  • Q2
    [Analytics] GDPR Dashboard
    Get an at-a-glance view of stats like: Consent to Keep / Represent or Right to be forgotten
  • Q2
    [Analytics] Temp & Contract Dashboard
    Get a holistic view of your contract book
  • Q2
    Daxtra Capture
    Get your database updated automatically with candidate information
    Daxtra Capture automates and simplifies the data-entry process so you can get more accurate and targeted with your searches in Vincere
  • Q2
    Daxtra Magnet
    Daxtra Magnet references Vincere and automatically checks for a match on the internet to help update your database
    You'll be able to create and update candidate details in a single click, share notes and activities and link newly found candidates to vacancies and shortlists
  • Q3
    No more APIs or custom codes. Quickly and easily integrate Vincere with other apps you love
    Zapier is an integration platform that allows you to connect Vincere with over 500+ applications to automate processes and workflows.
  • Q3
    TimeTemp Mobile
    TimeTemp goes mobile
    With our native mobile app, your employees will be able to: manage timesheets and availability on the go. and also, log start and end time automatically based on location.
  • Q3
    Astronaut Interview App
    Host super convenient interviews with video-selfies whenever you want
    Fast, effective Q&A video screening tool your candidates will love.
  • Q3
    Custom Reports
    See exactly what matters most. Build your own reports from scratch
    Vincere offers out-of-the box reports but custom reports allows you to pick the dimensions and metrics that matters most to you and your business.