2017 was our year of innovation and partnership. See what we’ve shipped so far this year

What’s coming

LinkMatch Integration

Want to know whether or not a LinkedIn profile is already in your database? Or to edit a profile that’s already in your database without having to leave LinkedIn? If yes – you’re going to love LinkMatch. 

Candidate Portal – Phase 1

The Candidate Portal gives your candidates one centralised place to submit their resumes, upload relevant documents, search, apply and check job application statuses. 


Create subtasks and divide your work into smaller, trackable action items. Subtasks lives within job-related tasks and is an easy way to stay organized and keep your to-do list less cluttered

*New* Calendar

Click into any day of the month and get a breakdown of all your planned activities (including new candidates, new jobs, placements, interviews and even Contacts’/Candidates’ birthdays).

*New* Interview actions

Mark interviews as complete or cancel/reschedule the interview. You’ll be able to do this directly from events on your homepage calendar too. 

Broadbean Integration

You can now post Jobs to Broadbean – a Job Board Aggregator which can post to over 1,000 Job Boards around the world. With this type of instant access to a huge range of potential applicants, Vincere makes it easier…


Country-specific compliance tab in the candidate profile containing country-specific information on each candidate.

Hot Lists

New way of helping your consultants focus their efforts for a limited number of days with our new hot lists. 

Candidate LiveLists

A new way to collaborate with your clients, LiveLists™  help your business stand out from the competition.


Our integrated online timesheet & expense management plug-in. Using TimeTemp, your candidates (employees) & your clients (managers) can submit, review and approve/reject timesheets online.