Calling all Vincere-lovers,

We know we’ve been quiet the past couple of months, but that’s not because we’ve forgotten about you since January’s release. In fact, we’re glad you’re reading this because there was never a day you weren’t on our minds – and here’s proof:

We’re making radical upgrades to Vincere and, today, we’re giving you a sneak-peek of our biggest release yet. It will have huge impact on productivity and the way you interact with your clients, including a major breakthrough for those of you who deal with Temporary & Contract staffing.

They say good things come in threes. Let’s break it down for you:

Release Numero Uno: Calendar | Coming May 2017

Ain’t your average calendar. Designed specifically for our industry – for perm/contract and exec search- this smart calendar brings big results.

Speak to any old school recruiter and they’ll tell you that recruitment is nothing more than a numbers game. Whether you agree with this or not, the more activities you have in your day, the more placements you’ll make, and ultimately more $$$ you’ll make- and that’s exactly what the calendar helps you do.

Introducing Vincere’s killer planning and productivity tool – the 1st calendar of it’s kind that puts a number on your schedule and tells you exactly how busy you are.

First things first, you should know that the Calendar will be your brand new homepage & it looks like this:


Now you’re all set to own the day from the moment you log in!

The only calendar you’ll ever need

Sync your Gmail/Outlook calendars and get a personalised to-do list of all meetings, interviews, and tasks. Switch between daily, weekly and monthly views – you’ll be able to see everything.


Click into any day of the month and get a breakdown of all your planned activities (including new candidates, new jobs, placements, interviews and birthdays).

Manage your interviews, add new tasks and create meetings on-the-fly. The only thing this calendar doesn’t do is pick up the phone and call your Candidates (we’re working on it ;)).


Release Numero 2: Vincere LiveLists | Coming May 2017

Introducing your instant Client Portal. Stand out from the competition with fully-branded candidate lists that are served to Clients via a Cloud-hosted interactive link….ready to go as soon as your shortlist is.

Vincere’s LiveLists take client-recruiter-candidate communication to a whole new level. Gone are the days when your clients shuffle between multiple emails, searching for resumes. With Vincere’s interactive Candidate lists, they’ll have all candidates (and candidate related information) in one place. Serve up your best candidates via a Cloud-hosted link and let your clients review, rate and collaborate with you easily online.


Here are the actions your clients will be able to take:

  • Accept, reject and keep candidates in view
  • Indicate interview availability and arrange interviews
  • Rate & add comments
  • Remove rejected candidates from list and forward list internally

candidatelist-arrange interview

Any action that your client takes is tied directly to the system and you’ll know their decision immediately with real-time alerts and email notifications.

If you’re interested in building your brand identity, you’ll love this fully-branded micro-site that will make your stand out from the crowd. We predict the LiveList feature will be a hit with all our Exec Search firm customers and Grad recruitment specialists….

Release Numero 3: Temporary & Contract Management | Coming June 2017

Wave goodbye to manual timesheets, TIMETEMP is your stairway to temp & contract management heaven.

Say hello to TIMETEMP

TIMETEMP is our very own online timesheet module that makes timesheet management and approval utterly efficient. TIMETEMP integrates directly with Vincere and allows your candidates, clients and consultants to login, submit, approve, reject and review timesheets online.


Once a placement is made, 3 types of users will have access to TIMETEMP:

  1. Recruiters (you!)
  2. Employees (your candidates)
  3. Employers (your clients)

Here’s a peek at how easy it is for your candidates to submit their timesheets:


Temporary/Contract Compensation & Fees

We’ve also added compensation related fields like country-specific Award and Compliance, allowances and pay rules so you can set up a job’s compensation structure and link it out to TIMETEMP for easy reporting and billing.

If you run a temp and contract business in Australia, you shouldn’t be using any other system.


Updates to Quick Job Board | Coming May 2017

Since its launch, the Quick Job Board has been a firm favourite. We’ve received great feedback from you and now we’re making it even better. For all our customers who love the Quick Job Board, this is for you:
1. New List View

Decide if you’d like to show jobs in the new list format or the traditional summary view.


2. Banner Slideshow

Add up to a maximum of 3 banner images.


3. Link logo to your website

Define the destination URL of your company logo: take visitors to your company website or any other desired webpages.


4. Job Board URL Masking

This allows you to cover up your default Quick Job Board URL with your own website URL. If you’re looking to improve SEO, this is a quick win to boost your website’s ranking.

5. More Navigation Options

We’ve added a simple breadcrumb menu on Job Application pages to improve your candidates’ navigation experience.


6. More Languages

The Quick Job Board will also be available in the following languages:

  1. German
  2. Russian
  3. Finnish
  4. Latvian
  5. Polish
  6. Estonian
  7. Simplified Chinese
  8. Don’t see your desired language here? Let us know what it is and we’ll add it in for you with pleasure.

So there you have it. What you see is what you get – all these updates will be available to all Vincere users at no extra cost.

We hope you’ll love the new features and functionality as much as we love building it for you. Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think!

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