Here at Vincere we’ve been putting pedal to the metal. Yup- we’re cranking out crucial new features and improvements before 2016 draws to an end.

Read on for a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Quick Jobboard

This is an early festive gift to our customers: a mobile-optimised website for your jobs and candidates. That’s right – you get a slick micro-site where your candidates can search, share, apply for jobs. A fully branded jobboard of your own, launched in a matter of clicks- no developers required.

The Quick Jobboard includes:

  1. Job listings: all your current vacancies, posted from Vincere>Quick Jobboard in 1 click.
  2. Search: your candidates can search for suitable roles, by salary, keyword, location (including by radius) and more
  3. Apply: by uploading a CV or via Indeed or LinkedIn.
  4. “Register Interest”: candidates can post their CV via your jobboard, even without applying to a specific job.
  5. Multi-language: publish different jobboards in as many languages as you require, including Japanese and Chinese.
  6. Mobile, Social: looks great on mobile, links to all major social networks.

Here’s a sample.

Launching the Quick Jobboard is – you guessed it folks- super quick. Upload your logo,  configure the look and feel of the site – all it takes is a few mouse clicks-  and get all your jobs updated automatically. Then let the candidate applications roll in.

*The jobboard is available to all existing and new Vincere customers at no extra cost. You’re welcome.

Indeed Integration

Helping you, our customers, increase candidate flow and improve sourcing reach without increasing time or cost is always a priority of ours. That’s why we’re pumped about our partnership with Indeed.

The Vincere-Indeed integration is a logical addition for us because it enhances recruitment efficiency by 1) allowing users to tap into the job board giant’s database to search for resumes and 2) sending  all jobs created within Vincere automatically to Indeed without having to leave the platform. You can quickly preview the resume and with a click of a button import resumes from Indeed > Vincere.

vincere indeed search

Radius Search

Radius search is the latest addition to Vincere’s market-leading search tool. It allows you to search for candidates based on their proximity to the job. This means that you’ll be able to search for suitable candidates say living within 5km of the job location and shortlist them directly to the job.

Now, this is just phase one what’s to come with the Vincere radius search. In future, you’ll be able to tell candidates exactly how long (or short) their commute will be from home to work. Not only can you tell a candidate that they live 10 minutes away from the job, but you can also email them a map of their potential commuter route- by foot, car or train. This is the stuff that will give you an edge over your competitors.



New & Improved Taskboard & Comments

Despite best efforts, planning your day and managing tasks can become a time-consuming trap when you’ve got so many clients and candidates to take care of. To help you beat the bloat of due dates and ensure that you follow-up on the right tasks at the right time, the Task Board is now categorised into 3 default tabs – Planned, Present & Past – to help you stay on track.

We’ve also redesigned the comments section entirely. It’s now highly visual and timeline-focused so you’ll have a clear log of all activities to quickly pick up where you or your co-worker left off.

vincere comments

KPI Dashboard

Not every recruitment company is a KPI-driven business but if yours is, this one’s for you. You now get a supercharged KPI dashboard that tells you instantly how many of your consultants (and who) have completed their goals and exactly how far away they are from their targets. Use the new KPI dashboard to analyse and support your team to improve productivity and profits for your business.

Vincere always had the most comprehensive list of KPI’s and to-date we still do. In line with the new KPI Dashboard, we’ve simplified the way you set up KPI’s in the system. The KPI’s link directly to actions users take in the system, so there is no additional fields to click and no ‘gaming’ the results. Everything is much more simpler and reliable.

Play with live dashboard.

Other improvements & feature enhancements include:

  • Email template selector
  • Upload Job Description/Copy Job
  • More Actions
  • Analytics: User Activity, Sales Performance & Key Performer Indicators
  • Improved API Documentation

This is just a teaser of what you can expect in the coming release and we hope you’re as excited as we are.  Watch this space or follow our social channels for the latest updates

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